Reaching Goals – Living Dreams

By: Nancye Sims


Put you in control.

Without goals something else or someone else

Is directing your life.

Goals give you something to hope for,

Without goals nothing changes.

Goals help you know who you are,

We are what we do.

Goals make life more meaningful

By making each day more special.

Goals inspire faith,

Faith achieves goals.

Goals simplify life

By separating the important from the unimportant.

Goals bring happiness closer,

Lack of goals pushes it away.

Goals encourage growth,

Any time you strive for something you grow.

Goals teach perseverance,

You learn through overcoming obstacles.

Goals fill needs,

Without goals there’s a lack of fulfillment.

Goals are anchors,

They keep you grounded when life is uncertain.

Goals are commitments,

Commitments are the heart of success.


Every goal is a dream,

Reach your goals,

Live your dreams.

For every dream

There’s a path to be taken,

Goals are beacons lighting the way…”


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