A Return to Love

By: Jennifer Mualin

Life is a process,
your soul its master;
the star the journey,
that guides its light.
Freedom is the essence
of life and love.
Love is the essence
of life and God.
God is the essence
of life.
Give to receive,
believe to achieve,
demand nothing,
accept everything,
let go and let God,
and just seek to change,
that which does not serve you.
Judge nothing,
that you may not be judged.
Risk everything,
at the sake of pure love.
Laugh loud,
cry hard,
extend a hand to the God inside.
Be your self
and dance your failures,
since there are no mistakes,
only perfection in disguise.
See no enemies,
for what you see is what you get,
what you expect is what you bring forth,
and the only lesson
is not one to learn,
but only to remember
with the song of your soul.
Heal all with love,
forgive all with joy,
that you may forgive yourself,
and dance with the music of your soul.
Be to do,
love to be,
be your self
with no regrets,
and don’t forget,
you are creating everything,
there is no time but now,
and the only thing that matters
is your oneness with life.

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