Preparing For Your First Tybro Seminar

Hey Lovelies,


This weekend is the final Tybro seminar. This will be the first event or seminar for many of the people in attendance, so I thought it would be helpful to provide some useful tips to help get through the day with ease. When browsing the internet, I found an article on that provided 7 Good Tips to Prepare to Attend Your First Seminar and I thought I would pass them along.

  1. Prepare to take notes. This point cannot be stressed enough for a Tybro seminar. A whole lot of information will be thrown at you at one time, and sometimes it is best to write down as much as you can in the moment, and try to digest and dissect your notes later that evening.
  2. Silence your devices before walking in the door. You do not want to be the one to have your phone go of during the middle of a seminar. It is distracting and a little inconsiderate to the speaker to interrupt their thought process with your favorite ringtone. Also, at Tybro seminars, you will not have the ability to record the lecture, so honestly you will not have and much time to interact with your phone for the most part.
  3. Eat a well-balanced meal. As I said before, a lot of information will be thrown at you for several hours. It is best to have a full stomach and an open mind. For those attending the Tybro seminar, a breakfast buffet will be provided in the morning.
  4. Go to the bathroom. At a seminar, all information is vital and you will not want to miss anything because you have to run to the bathroom. I suggest you go before the event begins. At Tybro seminars, a couple of bathroom breaks will be provided, so try to go in those assigned times to guarantee you don’t miss any information.
  5. Sit strategically. Based on however you learn, whether in the front of the classroom or the back, try to ensure you are in the best possible seat in accordance with your learning preference.
  6. Arrive early. At Tybro seminars, people will often show up early that morning or even the night before to reserve themselves a seat. So, if you want to ensure yourself a seat in the front, I advise you get there as early as possible.
  7. Dress to Impress. While it is not a requirement to dress to impress, I believe it does provide a great mindset, as many say if you look good, you feel good. At Tybro seminar especially, many individuals dress to impress. Also, many individuals are reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones in person for the first time as well, so many pictures are taken.

I hope this list has proved to be a little helpful for those attending not just this weekend’s event, but other seminars as well. For those attending Tybro’s seminar on Saturday, I look forward to seeing you all soon.

With Love,
Miss T

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