The Symptoms of Higher Consciousness: 18 Unmistakable Signs of Spiritual Awakening

By: Steve Taylor

  1. Intensified Perception
  2. Increased Presentness/Timelessness
  3. Awareness of “Presence” or an All-Pervading Spiritual Energy .
  4. Aliveness, Harmony, Connectedness
  5. Inner Quietness
  6. Transendence of Separation/Sense of Connection
  7. Empathy and Compassion
  8. Well-Being
  9. Absence of (or Decreased) Fear of Death
  10. Lack of Group Identity
  11. Wide Perspective: A Universal Outlook
  12. Heightened Sense of Morality
  13. Appreciation and Curiosity
  14. Altruism and Engagement
  15. Enjoyment of Inactivity: The Ability to “Be”
  16. Beyond Accumulation and Attachment/Nonmaterialism
  17. Autonomy: Living More Authentically
  18. Enhanced, More Authentic Relationships

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