Spiritual Monument

Hey Lovelies,

One of the most enjoyable things to do with your significant other or friends, in my opinion, is to travel. Experiencing new things and places with your loved ones creates lasting memories and deepens bonds. There are many spiritual destinations and monuments located all throughout the world for lovers and friends alike. Each week, I will introduce a spiritual monuments that would make a perfect romantic getaway or a fun trip with your girl or guy friends.

This week’s featured spiritual monument is the Borobudur Temple.

The Borobudur Temple, also known as The Barabudur Temple, is a Mahayana Buddhist temple located in Magelang Central Java, Indonesia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site who launched a huge restoration process on the temple that took roughly seven years to complete.

There are no records to indicate the initial time or purpose of Borobudur, but it was likely constructed during the reign of the Sailendra Dynasty. The temple is a shrine to the Lord Buddha, and includes a central dome surrounded by 72 Buddha statues.

Today, the Borobudur Temple is used as a place of worship and meditation for Buddhists in Indonesia. It is a place of Buddhist pilgrimage and the location of Vesak ceremonies during the full moon of May or June. The Borobudur has visitors from all overt the world and is Indonesia’s single most visited tourist attraction. If you’re looking to visit a spiritual monument or destination, then consider checking out the Borobudur Temple.

With Love,
Miss T

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