Signs You’re On The Right Track Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

Hey Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As we progress into the new year, I begin to ponder about my life and journey, both spiritual and non. I begin to question things, sometimes without reason, and wonder if I am making the best or correct decisions. The pressures of society, family, friends, and even strangers can be enduring. Oftentimes seeing the success, surroundings, or circumstances of others makes you question your own efforts. I strive to see that of others as inspiration, as opposed to relating it to my own inadequacy.

When browsing the web today, I found an article on regarding being on the right track, even if it may not feel like it in the moment. I do not believe that these are sole indications of being on the right track, but I found many on the list to be true and engaging.

With Love,
Miss T

19 Signs You’re On The Right Track, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like You Are

By: Kirsten Corley

  1. You’ve established a small group of friends
  2. You’re Learning to let go of the right things in your life
  3. You’ve stopped chasing people
  4. You’re reading books that challenge you
  5. You understand what’s going on in the world and in politics
  6. You’re spending your money responsibly
  7. You’re involved in an organization or charity that allows you to give back
  8. You’ve learned to network
  9. You want to do better
  10. You stopped blaming other people for your problems
  11. Your aren’t getting drunk every weekend
  12. You’re paying bills on time
  13. You splurge a little
  14. You actually like your job
  15. You call your parents
  16. You aren’t just dating for sport
  17. You’ve found your passion
  18. You’ve forgiven yourself
  19. You’ve learned to love yourself

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