Spiritual New Years Resolutions

Greetings Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of good food, fun, and laughter. As the new year approaches, the pressures of resolutions begin to set in heavily. It is a time of great reflection on the past and fulfillment of the future. When browsing online today, I found a list of spiritual new years resolutions that I thought would be great to share.

9 Spiritual New Years Resolutions

By: David Langness

  1. I resolve to start and end each waking day with a prayer of gratitude for my life.
  2. I resolve to not just tell, but to actively show love to my entire family
  3. I resolve to work to rid myself of my prejudices – everyone has some, and we all would be better off without them.
  4. I resolve to practice a period of meditation every day – it doesn’t have to be long or involved, but it has to be a consistent practice of being alone to reflect on my thoughts and feelings.
  5. I resolve to commit to a goal of service to others, making at least one human life better next year than it was this year.
  6. I resolve to extend myself beyond my normal social and cultural groups this year – to reach out across the racial, class and age barriers our society imposes on us and befriend someone who isn’t exactly like me.
  7. I resolve to do something significant this year toward the goal of peace in the world, even if it is just a small volunteer commitment in my own community or a new attitude about dealing with conflicts in a peaceful way.
  8. I resolve to actively show more kindness, not just to the people around me, but to animals, too.
  9. And I resolve to see the world as a place where all of my resolutions can make others – and myself – a happier, more radiant and more spiritually-fulfilled person.

Click here to read the full article: http://bahaiteachings.org/9-spiritual-new-years-resolutions

With Love,
Miss T

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