9 Ways to Reward Yourself When You Have Accomplished a Goal

Hey Lovelies,

Oftentimes, we can get caught up in our daily lives that we forget to acknowledge or reward ourselves when we have accomplishments. It is important to realize your efforts whether big or small. I believe this acknowledgement serves as an inspiration to ourselves and others to strive for greatness. When on a spiritual journey, there are many moments in your evolutionary process that you will be excited about and proud of. I believe you should acknowledge and reward yourself in those moments for all of your hard work; essentially give your own self a pat on the back. I came of up with a short list of 9 Ways to Reward Yourself When You Have Accomplished a Goal and the list is as follows:

1. Eat Your Favorite Meal
Cook your favorite meal complete, or go to your favorite restaurant and have it prepared for you.

2. Donate Your Time
Sometimes giving back and selflessness is the greatest reward one can receive.

3. Be Unproductive
After working hard, you deserve a lazy day to sit around the house and do nothing.

4. Sleep All Day
I’ve learned sleep is the most amazing gift you can receive as you mature.

5. Buy Yourself Something (Retail Therapy)
Get yourself a gift for your hard work, you earned it!

6. Go On A Trip
Hop in the car or book a flight to a destination you have been wanting to visit.

7. Pampering
Go get your hair and/or nails done. Maybe even get a massage to rid of any pent up stress.

8. Entertainment.
Go see a favorite movie, concert, play, or sporting event.

9. Hobbies
Whether you enjoy exercising, reading, or cooking; take a moment to partake in your favorite hobby.

I hope some of these tips are helpful. But most importantly, do something that makes you happy, whatever it may be. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments for you are your own greatest cheerleader.

With Love,
Miss T





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