Something New

By: Audrey Heller

Trying something new, can be, a
bit frightening! However, it has it’s
merits, as it also can be, quite
enlightening! You never know, until
you try, what the outcome, is going
to be! Like everything else in life, you
just have to wait and see! We’d like
to feel, that good things, are in store
for us. And if that be so, then it’s an
added plus! We can’t cower, when
we have to make any changes, as it’s
got to be, full speed ahead! Do not
regress, just say yes and watch all the
good things enfold instead! Just never
be reluctant, when it’s time for something
new, to enter your life. The reason it’s
happening, it’s the right time, for a new
beginning! you just have to realize, now,
it’s your turn, to come out, winning!

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