Dating Disasters

Hey Lovelies,

How is everyone doing? I apologize for the delay in posting for the last couple of weeks. I had to take a quick break from blogging for a bit, but I am back and ready to chat! Getting back into the swing of things, I came across a funny dating disaster story on that I’d like to share with you all.

Her husband…had…died…two days ago.

“ I went on a date with a gal who was so beautiful that I felt she was out of my league. She was also very friendly and warm and funny. Except, through dinner she wouldn’t let me ask her any questions. She just wanted to talk about me. It was sweet at first but then it just got strange. Finally I refused to answer another until she told me something about herself. She stared at me for a long time and finally said, “OK. My husband…Died…Two days ago.” I was so surprised that I had an anxiety attack. The date was over for a number of reasons.”

How long is your grieving process? I wouldn’t say that there is a particular amount of time that is considered correct, but I would say that dating only two days after your spouse passes on seems a little inappropriate. Maybe the young lady thought that in order for her to move on, she needed to get back out there immediately in order to distract herself from the loss. It is possible she may have just wanted some company for the night, and that is why she did not want to talk about herself throughout the date. As someone who has struggles with anxiety, I sympathize with the man, as major shock can be a trigger of such attacks. As he said, there were many reasons as to why the date ended and probably never should have occurred.

With Love,
Miss T

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