Dating Disasters

Hey Lovelies,

It’s Tuesday yet again. Staying true to routine I thought it’d be fun to share some dating disaster stories. A few of the stories will be my own and others will not. When browsing, I came across a story on that I’d like to share with you all.

This Story Was Submitted By Username Never_Guess94

“I agreed to go out on a date with a somewhat older guy (I was 18 he was 24). I thought, older guy, what could go wrong? Well, I should have known from the moment he asked me to meet him at his house. I get there, and he introduces me to his mother, and says he lives with her while he is “gathering his thoughts.” He casually mentions that he is broke, out of gas, and lost his job a year ago. So his idea of a date was borrowing his mother’s car, stealing her Krispy Kreme coupons for free donuts, and then walking around a sketchy park. Kept hinting I should pay for the gas for the trip to Krispy Kreme. And then he invited me to his basement to watch TV. I faked that I had to go home to study for an exam and sped out of his neighborhood. He kept bugging me for weeks afterwards, calling me a selfish bitch, and messaging my friends telling them that they were as well. Like, what the f*ck?”

There many things that I find troubling about this dating disaster story. First off, I would find it extremely awkward and uncomfortable if my date introduced me to his parents on the first date. In my opinion that is just moving way too fast. Secondly, while it’s understandable to need assistance from family while getting on your feet, it is also important that you are motivated enough to at least try and live independently. The story indicates that the man has been out a a job for about a year while living with his mother. Finding a job can be extremely difficult in this economy, but there is nothing wrong with getting a job while waiting on your job. A person may not want to work a service job like fast food, but in reality it is better than nothing. Especially when you’re self-proclaimed broke. Finally, he was not making any effort into courting the young lady. Hinting for her to pay for the gas, stealing coupons, watching television does not sound like a man that is trying to impress a woman that he likes or admires. All of this, followed by the disrespectful messages and harassment when he did not get the response he wanted, indicates very clearly that she needed to stay far away from this man.

With Love,
Miss T

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