14 Best Spiritual Movies that Inspire

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Did anyone do anything super exciting or fun? Anyways, as on a typical Monday post, I am going to present a survey dealing with relationships and/or spirituality, and give my commentary on the results.

I don’t know about you all, but I am a very big movie and television lover. Today, I was searching for spiritual movies or films that portray the meaning of life or aim to invoke a spiritual awakening. In my research, I found a list that I believe had a good selection of films to provide just that. The article was posted via kundalini-meditation.com and the list was as follows:

14 Best Spiritual Movies that Inspire You Most

1. Inner World Outer World (2012)
2. Awake: The Life of Yogananda (2014)
3. Samsara (2011)
4. The Reality of Me (2011)
5. Groundhog Day (1993)
6. Kumare (2011)
7. Baraka (1992)
8. Tuning In (2008)
9. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, …and Spring (2003)
10. Samadhi (2017)
11. Fightclub (1999)
12. The Matrix (1999)
13. The Thought Exchange (2012)
14. Avatar (2009)

Film and entertainment have a tremendous level of responsibility and power. I sometimes believe that Hollywood takes this influence for granted. The content they choose to produce and release is oftentimes solely based on profitability. However, there are times when a film’s focus will be to challenge the mind or present a new way of thinking. Thousands of people flock to the theaters to experience feelings of escapism, happiness, fear, pleasure, or a whole plethora of emotions. Cinematography has the potential to influence a generation of thinkers and creators.

I have not seen a good number of the films and documentaries on this list. However, in reading their descriptions, I believe many of them would be very interesting. Several of the films are about the meaning of life and existence, and some provide a new way of viewing reality to the general masses. While some people may think these movies are fictional, they fail to realize there are a lot of truths presented in their story lines. It is truly a treat when film is able to challenge you and potentially teach you something new about yourself or humanity. The ability to inspire or awaken thoughts in others is a gift that should not be taken lightly. I look forward to watching these films and hopefully discovering something new about myself.

With Love,
Miss T


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