Spiritual Getaway

Hey Lovelies,

One of the most enjoyable things to do with your significant other or friends, in my opinion, is to travel. Experiencing new things and places with your loved ones creates lasting memories and deepens bonds. There are many spiritual locations located all throughout the world for lovers and friends alike. Each week, I will introduce a spiritual destination that would make a perfect romantic getaway or a fun trip with your girl or guy friends.

This week’s featured travel destination is Henan, China.

Henan is a province in the People’s Republic of China and it has a great deal to offer spiritually. It contains some of the world’s most sought after attractions. I believe it would be a great place to have an awesome spiritual vacation.

Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Monestary is the birthplace of Shaolin Martial Arts and has even been referenced as ‘The Number One Temple Under Heaven’. The Temple is filled with many flowers, pines, and beautiful scenery. Some of it’s most notable attractions are the Hall of Heavenly Kings (Tianwangdian), the Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), the Pagoda Forest, the Dharma Cave, and the Martial Art Training Center.

Taoist Mountains

The Taoist Mountains consist of five mountains each representing a cardinal direction. According to Taoist beliefs, the mountains originated from the body of the first being and creator of the world. Each mountain was formed of a different body part and associated with a specific purpose or representation.

The Longmen Grottoes

The Longmen Grottoes are described as ‘one of the three most important collections of Buddhist sculptures and carvings in China.’ They hold more than 100,000 Buddhist items including grottoes and niches, crematory urns, inscribed stone tablets, and Buddhist images and statues. They are located inside of numerous caves containing many of the artifacts.

Millennium City Park

Millennium City Park is a grand cultural garden. It stretches roughly 98 acres and 30,000 square meters. The park contains numerous architectural complexes based on the painting ‘The Qingming Festival by the Riverside’. The park also contains beautiful waterfalls and flowers and bridges to connect the different areas of the park. Millennium City would be a great place for a romantic stroll.

Henan, China is a place that has a lot to offer. I only covered a few of the many attrations located inside the providence. If you are looking for a soul-fulfilling spiritual journey, then Henan may be a place to check out.

With Love,
Miss T

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