11 Best Way To Meet Someone in Real Life

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. This weekend I finally started watching the worldwide phenomenon that is, Game of Thrones. I must admit that I absolutely love the show and look forward to catching up to the current season. Anyways, as on a typical Monday post, I am going to present a survey dealing with relationships and/or spirituality, and give my commentary on the results.

We have discussed many aspects of dating and relationships on this blog, but have not delved into different places that you might meet a potential mate. Oftentimes, many people turn to online dating because they are unable to find a date in person. I researched a survey from bustle.com of The 11 Best Ways To Meet Someone In Real Life, Because Online Dating Really Isn’t The Only Option and the list was as follows:

1. Never Skip Work Happy Hour
2. Check Out What Events Your Friends Are Attending On Facebook (And Go)
3. Always Go To Friends’ Birthday Parties
4. Take Public Transportation To Work
5. Volunteer Your Time
6. Don’t Close Yourself Off To Talking With Strangers
7. Get A Dog (Or Borrow One To Take For A Walk)
8. Take A Class
9. Agree To Be Set Up
10. Become A Regular Somewhere
11. Do More Things Alone

This list is very honest and real. It can be very difficult to meet someone in person, but in order to do so, you might have to step outside of your comfort zone. Most of the ways simply involve putting yourself out there for people to find. Oftentimes there are many potentials waiting, they may just not know you are there because you have never crossed paths. Online dating is not for everyone, and some would rather have a physical connection in person first for numerous reasons. In a world when “catfishing” or lying about your true identity is common, it is understandable why some would prefer an initial in person meeting.

I know several people that have met their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, through other people or events thrown by friends, so I encourage going to birthday parties and Facebook events. It is also great because most likely they are a friend of a friend and somewhat vetted in some circumstance. It is important to remember when adhering to this advice to remember to always be safe. When taking public transportation, talking to strangers, and doing more things alone, remember to be aware of your surroundings and to be careful when giving out your information for contact. People often say that it is difficult to meet someone once out of college or schooling because options are limited, so taking a class or volunteering would be a great way to meet someone new. Not skipping work happy hour is not necessarily about connecting with coworkers, but more so about meeting potential mates out doing the same. The most important thing when trying to meet someone in person is to put yourself out there. Just remember to always be safe and mindful of individuals that may not have your best interests in mind.

With Love,
Miss T


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