LA’s Best Spiritual Shops

Hey Lovelies,

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m not going to lie; I was so sleepy when I woke up this morning. Why does it seem that the workweek seems to drag on, but the weekends fly by. But I’m sure this is not new news to anyone. As a typical Monday post, I am going to present a survey dealing with relationships and/or spirituality, and give my commentary on the results.

Spirituality comes in many forms and dimensions. There are many tools, items, and practices that are used to help one express their spirituality such as crystals, Reiki, Wicca, aromatherapy oils, meditation, literature, and much more. Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world to find spiritual items and serves. compiled a list of what they consider to be

The 10 Best Spiritual Shops in Los Angeles and the list was as follows:alexandria-courtesy-of-lo-brewer2

  1. Alexandria II Bookstore (Crystals and Minerals)
  2. The Crystal Matrix Center (Spell Crafting, Psychic Readings)
  3. The Green Man Store (Reiki and Meditation)
  4. House of Intuition (Psychic Readings and Healing Workshops)
  5. Nu-Botanics (Candles & Aromatherapy Oils)
  6. Liberate Emporium (Intuitive Readings/Healings and Crystals, Jewelry, Incense)
  7. Incense Route (Aromatherapy and Beauty Products)
  8. The Mystic’s Altar (Psychic and Mystic Arts)
  9. Panpipes Magickal Marketplace (Oils, Candles, and Herbs)
  10. Spellbound Sky (Meditations and Workshops)


Spirituality is a very complex journey in a person’s life. Some individuals are into certain tools and practices that others tend to shy away from. Regardless of what you are “into”, spiritual items and tools are helpful in advancing one’s enlightenment and spiritual growth. California, more specifically Los Angeles is a place of great diversity in every aspect of the word. It is referred to some as “more accepting of non-traditional spirituality” than other parts of the country. It can be difficult to find a place where spirituality is accepted and even encouraged; therefore shops such as the ones listed are a rare gem to find. Spiritual tools can be difficult to find so this list provides a great service to those looking for places to find such items. I have not personally had the opportunity to visit these places as I have not been to Los Angeles in several years, but many of the reviewers have described the staffs to be “extremely knowledgeable and friendly”.

Spiritual tools are extremely helpful when beginning one’s spiritual journey. However, it is also important not to forget to look inside oneself and more importantly God, to help find your way. In my opinion tools should be used to aide and assist, not to be an end all solution. Conclusively, if you are searching for some spiritual tools or assistance, Los Angeles is a great place to look.

With Love,
Miss T


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