Soul Music Wednesday

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Wednesday…. or Happy Humpday! As some of you may know, it is Soul Music Wednesday! I truly believe soul music provides a spiritual experience for both the listener and vocalist alike. On Wednesdays, I like to share a featured love song and give my feedback on the record. Some of the songs will be old classics and others will be new favorites.

The song featured today is “She Didn’t Know (She Kept On Talking)”, sung by the underrated Dee Dee Warwick. The song was written by Jerry Williams, Gary Anderson, and Charlie Whitehead and released under Atco Records. Here is a link to the song is below…

Dee Dee Warwick most definitely has musical talent in her blood, as she is the sister of the legendary Dionne Warwick, the niece of the powerful Cissy Houston, and the cousin to the incomparable Whitney Houston. “She Didn’t Know” was a top ten hit on the r&b charts and was featured on the Turning Around album. “She Didn’t Know” portrays a situation in which a woman unknowingly comes face to face with her husband’s mistress. The mistress is also ignorant to the situation at hand, not realizing that she had just revealed a husbands infidelity in natural conversation. Warwick sung the record with such soulful passion and emotion. Even if one had not experienced being cheated on before, you could feel her pain.

Being cheated on is a feeling that hurts to the soul. When you believe you are truly in love with someone, the thought of your significant other being with someone else feels like the ultimate betrayal. Whether physical or emotional, cheating is wrong, and brings about negative karma that may be returned back to you in the future. Temptation is lurking at every corner, and it takes a strong and disciplined man or woman to resist such urges. While no one is perfect and people do make mistakes, one should try their best to honor their love. The basis of all relationships, both romantic and otherwise, is trust. Once trust is broken, it takes extreme effort and time to be regained, if even possible. Healthy spiritual and nonspiritual relationships are sacred, and should be cherished and respected.

With Love,
Miss T

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