Connect With The Primordial Elements

Hey Lovelies,

Happy Friday! We have finally reached the end of the work week! Today, I typically feature a spiritual getaway destination, for both couples and platonic friendships alike. However, I want to continue to gear my focus more towards spirituality, more specifically discussing spiritual medallions and the benefits of using them.

There are many things a person, or couple, may want in life, such as protection, security, health, financial freedom and more. Spiritual medallions are tools that can be used to offer all of these desired necessities, not only for yourself, but your loved ones as well. Each day this week, I will feature a different medallion and explain some of its benefits. My goal is to help you decide if one of these amazing tools may be right for you or someone you know.

Today, the featured medallion is The First Medallion.

I have discussed several medallions this week that all focus on different aspects of blessings one can attain. Today I would like to focus on a medallion that assists in several aspects of evolution and connection. The First Medallion is a unique and powerful spiritual tool. It is called The First Medallion because it contains several elements that derive from the original primordial elements that make up our universe. The Divine Script that outlines the border of the Medallion spells out the Names of the Four Seraphim that utter the Name of God out into the universe. The First Medallion increases spiritual power, protects the wearer from negative forces, adds the power of the 42 letter name of God to the aura,infuses the wearer with the Power of the Four Seraphim, strengthens the aura, improves health, helps connect the subconscious mind to the celestial realm, improves one’s contact with the indwelling divine essence, and helps to diminish and weaken forces of darkness within the wearer.

The first medallion is a great medallion for beginners that are looking for a single tool to assist them in multiple aspects of their spiritual journey. It is more quaint in size than some of the other medallions, which makes it lighter and easier to be worn. The first medallion is a personal favorite of mine as not only does it have great spiritual power, but also a very beautiful design. This medallion connects you with the universe and allows you to feel centered and at peace with the elements. It is a great source of protection from negative forces and provides a sense of security when worn or carried on your person. If you are interested in learning more about this medallion, or purchasing one for yourself or a loved one, then visit

With Love,
Miss T


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