The Importance of Spending Physical Time

Hey Lovelies,

It’s Thursday! Its almost Friday!!! I am beyond ready for the weekend! Today is POV Thursday, where I give my point of view or opinion on topics related to spirituality, relationships, or both. Today, the topic is The Importance of Spending Physical Time With Your Loved Ones.

Maintaining relationships with family and friends can sometimes be a challenge. Naturally,  everyone becomes busy and have their own lives to lead. Not to mention, it becomes increasingly difficult when marriage and kids are involved to actively stay in touch. While contact through phone, text, and social media is great, I believe that physical presence and interaction are very important to maintain relationships with loved ones.

Last weekend I traveled to Florida to visit my best friend. While we Facetime all the time and text extremely often, I realized that I needed to look at her face to face and check in with my friend. Being present is one of the best and most caring things you can do for the people you love. It doesn’t mean you have to always be actively doing something when united, but rather just be in each others presence. The beautiful thing about true friendship is that even if you have not physically seen someone in a couple years, when you finally come together again, it will feel as though no time has passed.

Divorce can be very difficult on not only the individuals involved, but their children as well. Oftentimes the children will live in a primary household with one of their parents, and allowed visitation with the other on occasions previously determined. While a parent may no longer live with their child, I believe it is important for them to still be physically present in their child’s life. A few years after my mother remarried, my new family moved across the country, away from my birth father. Despite years passing, he never came to visit me. While, occasional phone calls are better than nothing, I would have really appreciated it if he came to see me. Speaking from my experience, all I ever wanted growing up was for my father to be there, as I equated it with him truly caring for me and wanting to be apart of my life. Physical presence for a child is so important and something I vow to be conscious of when I have a child of my own.

In romantic relationships, physical presence is also extremely important. Spending quality time with one another is of vital importance for your relationship to grow and evolve. Long distance relationships are definitely a challenge, mostly due to the fact that you cannot actively see each other often. When placed in this situation, it becomes easy to stray in more ways than one. If one is in a distance relationship, I advise organizing time to see your partner in person. Digital communication is great for daily interaction, but a physical check-in from time to time is needed. From my observations, if two individuals want to make their relationship work, they will do everything within their power to do so, including setting aside time and money to travel to their love. In my opinion, there is truly nothing like the physical touch, hug, or kiss as a way to show your affection.

With Love,
Miss T

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