Introducing Your Kids to Spirituality

Hey Lovelies,

Can you believe it is already Thursday! This week is flying by, and obviously I have no complaints about that! But anyways, today is POV Thursday, where I give my point of view or opinion on topics related to spirituality, relationships, or both. Today, the topic is Introducing Your Kids to Spirituality.
As you get further into your spiritual journey, you will begin to grow and evolve. Naturally, you will gain a huge sense of gratitude and excitement, and may want to share some of this excitement with those that mean most to you, including your children. However, I would advise to proceed with caution in that regard. Not to say that you cannot introduce your children to your spiritual practices, but I would say to hinder yourself from forcing them to participate. I must mention that I am speaking about children over the age of 10 years old, as that is how old I was when I was introduced to spirituality. In the years prior, I was raised in the Christian faith and attended church every Sunday.

No one, including children, will benefit from spiritual practices if their heart and/or mind are not ready or committed. You cannot grow if you do not want to grow. If they are not interested, they will not take it seriously, and may even begin to lie about personal breakthroughs, just to get you to leave them alone. Spirituality is a personal choice. While it is great to present the idea to your children, I would allow them to choose to participate on their own accord. If not, it feels forced, and they will begin to resent you for it. I am saying this from personal experience. I would recommend that you allow them come to you and ask questions about your practice. If they gain interest introduce them to more and help them along their spiritual journey if that is what they choose.

My parents are deemed as spiritual masters and have many followers all around the world. I grew up in a very spiritual home and I have a job at a company that creates and distributes spiritual tools all across the world from books, downloads, tablets, medallions, meditations, invocations, and a whole lot more. Despite such constant exposure, for the longest time I still did not identify with spirituality or have an interest in the practice. I think a part of myself had to let go of the logic I was taught at a very early age in church and school, and allow my mind to open up and evolve. I believe that is why I understand the reasoning of those raised in religion to shy away from spirituality because I was the same way in the past.

One thing I love is that my parents always informed me about what they do, but they never forced me to do the same. Rather, they would make kind suggestions and tell me how my life could benefit if I participated. They were patient and realized that I had to want a spirituality journey for myself in order for it to be effective in my life. As an Aries, I can be stubborn. I think a part of me did not want to participate simply because everyone around me was. For whatever reason, I felt the need to do my own thing and be an individual, even if the choice may not have been wise. However, I must say that my parents patience did pay off. Eventually, my curiosity was peaked. I was mature enough to let go of what I thought I knew and to open my mind to new possibilities. They were absolutely right in their prior advise, and my life has changed for the better since I began my spiritual journey. But, in order for that to happen, I had to want the change for myself.

I am in no way telling anyone how to handle their children in regards to spirituality. I am simply just sharing my opinion based on my own personal experience. For some, the exact opposite may be true, and a child has to be forced to participate in something in order to gain an appreciation for it. I love my parents very much and appreciate the way they handled the matter in regards to myself and my older brother. I hope this point of view may help someone struggling with this issue.

With Love,
Miss T

2 thoughts on “Introducing Your Kids to Spirituality”

  1. Very helpful. My baby girl sounds so much like you and we left he Baptist church at around the same time. Occasionally we visit churches for family functions and she doesn’t want to go back lol. But she questions everything I do and think with my spiritual practices. And that’s ok with me for now. Thanks for this article Miss T!!!

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