Spirituality and Religion

Religion and spirituality are often scrutinized and misunderstood as not being synonymous. In my opinion, the belief that a religious person cannot be spiritual or vice versa is simply a falsehood. Newsmax.com conducted a study of the 12 most popular world religions and the findings were as listed below:

The 12 Most Popular World Religions and Sects

  1. Christianity 2.04 B
  2. Islam 1.226 B
  3. Catholicism 1.142 B
  4. Hinduism 828 M
  5. Agnosticism 638 M
  6. Buddhism 367 M
  7. Atheism 150 M
  8. Anglicanism 85.4 M
  9. Sikhism 23.8
  10. Seventh Day Adventist 16 M
  11. Mormonism 15 M
  12. Judaism 14.5 M

Before I entered into a relationship, one of the most commonly asked questions I received was, “what religion are you?” Very quickly I began to realize that if I did not directly classify myself as one of the religions listed above, then most men simply could not understand my faith. I find it odd and almost irksome how society constantly feels the need to categorize everything, or box it in to fit their understanding. For me, spirituality is complex and not a cookie cutter resolve. As a spiritual woman, there are still aspects to numerous religions that I identify with, and also aspects that I do not.

Some individuals feel as though if you do not identify with a single organized religion, then there is a sense of atheism in you. When in actuality, this could not be farther from the truth. I refuse to be categorized or coerced by anyone. I choose to listen to my heart and my own sense of reason. More importantly, I listen to God whenever I am in search of answers. To me, a true spiritual relationship with God is more important than staking claim to any one religion.

In regards to relationships both romantic and otherwise, I think it is helpful to find individuals that do not feel the need to categorize your faith. Some may not understand your spirituality, but in reality, not everything needs to be understood. I try to distance myself from individuals that claim to have all the answers and cast judgement on those that do not share their exact beliefs. I celebrate the differences amonst everyone and I strive to find others that do the same.

With Love,
Miss T

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