Does Your Family Support Your Spirituality?

Hey Lovelies,

When you are on a spiritual journey, your life begins to change in ways you cannot even fathom. It is very exciting to learn new things about yourself and expand on your path towards enlightenment. Oftentimes it can be tempting to want to talk about your experiences with your loved ones and family members, but unfortunately, some may not understand it, or even want to hear about it at all.

Spirituality is simply not for everyone. Many people, including myself, face apprehension from family members that deem it as wrong or sinful. So what do you do when your family does not support your spirituality? For me personally, I do nothing. This approach may seem extremely passive to some, but I find that not speaking about it to those who do not understand prevents a strain on the relationship.

Most of my extended family members do not understand my spirituality and do not care to either, and for me, that is okay. I realize that we do not all have to believe or practice the same things in order to love one another or to associate with one another. As long as everyone remains respectful, then we have no issue. You cannot force your opinion or beliefs onto others, especially in regards to spirituality. It is important to give others their space and allow them to come to you with questions if interested.

For some, an ultimatum is given to either choose their spirituality or their family. When placed in situations like this, I would say to try and explain how much it means to you. Explain how you do not expect them to understand your decision or to choose the same, however, your spirituality is something that you believe in your heart and are not willing to give up. If they truly love you, they will grow to be at peace with your decision.

When placed in these situations, it is helpful to find friends or organizations of like-minded spiritual people that you CAN share your experiences with without judgment. Places like The Ganden Temple, which is an online community for spiritual and conscious individuals, provide a safe space to learn, share, grow, and evolve together.

With Love,
Miss T



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