Does Location Matter in Spiritual Dating???

Hey Lovelies,

So earlier today I was thinking about the concept of spiritual dating, and I wondered what are the most spiritual or enlightened cities in America. Living in the South, I do not hear much about the concept of non-traditional spirituality and it is oftentimes frowned upon to even think outside the traditional Christian norm. After pondering for a while, I did a little research online and found an article published by They conducted a study to calculate the most enlightened cities in the United States using various considerations and the top ten list is as follows:

2.Santa Cruz
3.Santa Monica
4.San Francisco
5.Palo Alto
9.West Hollywood
10.Salt Lake City

I am sure it is no coincidence that all of the cities listed in the study are on the West Coast, more particularly, California. California is thought to be a very democratic and forwardly thinking place by many, and this list seems to be indicative of that. I question why it seems the East Coast is still very hesitant to open up to spirituality or other forms of religion outside of the conventional practices. Living in the Bible belt, so many individuals are programmed into thinking a very specific way, and the consideration of otherwise is heavily frowned upon. I have had the privilege of living on both coasts of the country in my life, and I must say I have observed a slightly different mindset betwixt the two. I find, overall, the West Coast seems to be a bit more open-minded and accepting. Whether or not the feeling is genuine has yet to be determined. And don’t get me wrong, I truly love the East Coast, this opinion is just based off of my own personal experiences.

Now you might be wondering what this information has to do with spiritual dating, but in actuality, it may be helpful in finding a potential mate. If you are a spiritual single looking for love or even friendship, you may consider looking on the West Coast. Even if you do not live in the area, there is always the potential to date from a distance, especially if finding a spouse with similar beliefs to your own is a high priority. Thankfully, there are many online dating services today that allow you to interact, meet, and even date individuals that may not be geographically close to you but share your interests. All of this is not to say that you cannot find spiritual individuals in other parts of the country, you just may have a little more difficulty.

If you want to share your experiences with spiritual dating, leave it in the comments!  Also, let me know if you think geographic location makes a difference finding a potential mate. Let’s chat!

With Love,
Miss T

9 thoughts on “Does Location Matter in Spiritual Dating???”

  1. Love the article Miss T!!! I personally feel like the East coast is hindered somewhat by money…old money, new money…and status and the South definitely and Midwest have religion holding them back. People have always looked toward the West for freedom and new opportunities. Having recently traveled to Seattle, I would definitely move them up on the list!

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  2. I agree Miss T. I would imagine the deep South would definitely make spiritual dating extremely difficult due to the deep routing of religious beliefs. I am on the east coast, NY to be exact and I have yet to come across anyone who shares the same spiritual beliefs, in my specific area. Now common interests are a different story. I am in a town full of free thinkers, musicians, artists ,and poets, I’m lucky in that way, but Spiritual Interests…Not so much. There is a community of “woke” or conscious minded individuals here in NY as well up and down the east coast. Probably do to to it’s similarities with NOI concepts and African Culture.
    What do we have in California as well. One of the Largest if not only Transdenominational spiritual center’s in the US. And Sunshine. Lots & Lots of Sunshine. Thank You for this enlightening blog. I’d actually never thought about location until now. Great Write Miss T

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  3. Miss T,
    I have recently meet a man that lives in California on the Spirit of Cupid dating site. I am very smitten with him as we have the same spiritual affiliations and ideals. I have never really been a fan of long distance dating for various reasons. However, I decided to take a chance and get out of my comfort zone. It seems to be paying off.

    Thank you 😘

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  4. First I want to congratulate you on your blog Miss T! Two, it’s possible to find a Spiritual mate anywhere. It’s the programming that has to change with individuals first, then on a larger scale. I can see why California is more open. 😊😊😊 Thank you!

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    1. Thank you!! Yes, it is absolutely possible to find a Spiritual mate anywhere! I agree it has everything to do with changing the programming of a person and expanding their way of thinking.


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